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We are the original online specialist in Deal Clothing. We've been selling Deal Clothing since their foundation in 1987, and we stock most of their range. We also have a good selection of items that we cannot put online, because availability is limited, please give us a call or e-mail us if you can't see what you are looking for.

If you ever have a problem placing an order, or you have any queries about products or availability, please either e-mail or call us on 01326-315173.

Please note that our shop in Falmouth is no longer open for visits in person

We have new stock coming in all the time, so I'm hoping to get a major update to the website in place very shortly.

Deal Clothing, Deal Smocks, Deal Shirts

If you ever have any problems, either navigating the website or placing an order, please call us on 01326-315173 or e-mail me at or, I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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Deal Shorts

Though Deal Shorts are comfortable and easy on the skin, Deal Shorts are made from hard wearing material. Our range of Deal Shorts include the Cargo Deal Shorts and the Plain Deal Shorts. Cargo Deal Shorts are the longer length of the two styles of shorts we sell. Deal Shorts are manufactured in 100% cotton twill. Deal Shorts are Pigment dyed and stonewashed. Deal Shorts are machine washable (cool wash for Deal Shorts please.)

Deal Sweatshirts

We have a wide range of Deal Sweatshirts. We have the Deal Sweatshirt called 'Spirit', the Deal Sweatshirt described as 'Striped Zip Neck', the Deal Sweatshirt called 'Ladies Multi-stripe' (for obvious reasons) and the Multistripe Deal Sweatshirt. The 'Spirit' Deal Sweatshirt is available in Denim or Red colours. The Striped Zip Neck Deal Sweatshirt is available in Denim Cream colouring or Royal Sky Blue.

Sailing Smocks

So much of the Deal range is ideal as sailing wear, such as Sailing Smocks. Little surprise we have a faithful group of local and online clients looking for good Sailing Smocks and other sailing clothes. Sailing Smocks are very handy for the sailor. Sailing Smocks are warm. Sailing Smocks are comfortable and Deal Sailing Smocks look good too.

Fishermans Smocks

In Falmouth we still have a healthy fishing industry and Fishermans Smocks are ideal wear when trawling for oysters in the local working boats. Fishermans Smocks are comfortable. Fishermans Smocks come in many stlyes. Fishermans Smocks from Deal really are hard wearing but Fishermans Smocks from Deal have a contemporary style.

Breton Tops & the Breton Jersey

Breton Tops & the Breton Jersey are very popular lines amongst both sailors and the casual wearer. Breton Tops & the Breton Jersey are no longer restricted to the Breton Tops & the Breton Jersey colours of the past. Though most Breton Tops & the Breton Jersey items maintain the traditional stripe, you will find we stock: fuschia; lime; navy-blue; pink sky blue; raspberry and white navy-blue. If there are any other Breton Tops or Breton Jersey styles you are looking for, please give us a call.

Breton Shirts

Breton Shirts are also very popular lines amongst both sailors and the casual wearer and are increasingly being bought by both men and women. Breton Shirts are also no longer restricted to the Breton Shirts colours of the past. Breton Shirts also mainly maintainly come in the traditional stripe. You will notice we stock Breton Shirts in a variety of colours.

Sailing Shirts & Sailing Trousers

Falmouth is a mecca for sailors, especially during Falmouth week, when we welcome enquiries for our Deal Sailing Shirts & Deal Sailing Trousers. Though none of our Sailing Shirts or Sailing Trousers are actually called "Sailing Shirts" or "Sailing Trousers", even from a quick glance through our stock you will realise many our Deal lines are ideal as Sailing Shirts or Sailing Trousers. If can not find the Sailing Shirts or Sailing Trousers you are looking for please get in touch and we will try to source Sailing Shirts or Sailing Trousers to suit your requirements.

Fishing Shirts and Fishermens Smocks

You will notice that a number of our Deal lines could easily be described as Fishing Shirts or Fishermens Smocks. Indeed we do have regular clients in the shop and online who buy clothes as Fishing Shirts and Fishermens Smocks. These can equally well be used as Sailing Shirts or Sailing Smocks. If you would like any advice on which items would best fit the description of Fishing Shirts or Fishermens Smocks, please give us a call and well be pleased to talk with you about Fishing Shirts and Fishermens Smocks.

Cornish Fishermans Smocks (Cornish Smocks)

The traditional Cornish Fishermans Smocks (Cornish Smocks), usually have a deep extrnal pocket on each side. Cornish Fishermans Smocks (Cornish Smocks) sometimes have a "V" neck. The trasitional fishermen would have Cornish Fishermans Smocks (Cornish Smocks) with short sleeves to reduce the amount of wetting of the material while hauling line, or net. Our smocks, which look like Cornish Fishermans Smocks (Cornish Smocks) all have the full length arm measurement, unless specified as having a short arm.

Sail Cloth Shirts

We are often asked if some of our shirts are "Sail Cloth Shirts". The material which makes people think the shirts are Sail Cloth Shirts, is in fact 100% comfortable to wear cotton. So, although some may look like Sail Cloth Shirts, they are just good wearing cotton.

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